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Happy New Year.

Hope everyone had a happy New Year. I had a good one and I stayed sober!

In other news I'd highly recommend an article in this month's Vanity Fair. Yes, I know its Vanity Fair. Yes, I know what most people think of the magazine. However, there is an article by Christopher Hitchens that touches on one of the most terrifying and sad of African realities and one that most of the Western word has never heard of. The article concerns the Lord's Resistence Army and its leader, Joseph Koby. For 20 years Koby has been kidnapping small (under 12) Ugandan children, turning them into soldiers through torture and rape, then sending them back into their villages to kidnap more children for him. Over 20,000 children have been lost to this man. Anyhow, its a really haunting and good article.

In much lighter news, Good Omens is being re-released in hardback in Feb. with a choice of 2 covers! Just in time for my birthday.
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